Covid-19 risk assessments to enable community singing.
As a Network our aim is to share knowledge and ideas with our membership, and this article sets out to look at the subject of risks associated with Covid-19 and community singing.   
Some of our members have been working on preparing risk analysis and risk mitigation plans for their singing groups. These plans are designed to be flexible in dealing with changing alert levels, and their purpose is to enable the continuation of meeting to sing together for as long as possible.

Pay Guidelines for Song Leaders

“There is a culture of user pays nowadays. But I’ve also noticed
that if something is free, its is perceived as being without value.” –
SLNA member

In June 2019, an SLNA forum took place where we discussed how we get
paid for this work we do. What emerged most strongly
from that meeting was the need to survey our members, to gain a better
understanding of how much work people were doing, and how much they were
getting paid for it. And a clear call that SLNA, as a professional body
representative of song leaders, should provide some guidelines for fair
pay for those who do this work.

“If I were to get paid what I should, the choir wouldn’t survive…” – SLNA member


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