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Over the last twenty years there has been a wonderful growth in group singing here, but few resources outside the prevailing choral tradition to train those who want to learn how to direct and guide singers in alternate repertoires. So it's time for community singing in NZ to take the next step, that of encouraging and supporting the growth of the people we entrust with the leadership of our choirs and classes and providing the resources for those who want to learn how to take on those roles.

As vocal leaders you recognise the enormous value of community singing for the well-being and cohesiveness of the community, you see changes in your fellow-singers, and you experience the unique joy that singing together brings to all. We all have gifts to share and I believe the Song Leaders' Network Aotearoa, in providing a forum for discussion and access to ideas, training and repertoire can give us all the tools to better communicate, educate and inspire our singers.
Tony Backhouse


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